The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

ADHC Update: The Government thinks home care workers are brilliant

A few weeks ago, during a Standing Committee Meeting, John Ajaka, the Minister for Disability Services, was posed questions about the upcoming changes to the NSW Government Home Care Service (ADHC). His response? That all ADHC staff - are "absolutely brilliant." 

He went on to say:

"A seamless transition to ensure that all of the home care services are not disrupted from a client's perspective is paramount...That is what we are examining and that is what we as a Government are going to ensure occurs. We are putting the client first. We need the assistance and cooperation of the staff and the unions. I am pleased to report that we have had exceptional cooperation from the staff. We have had exceptional cooperation from the unions in respect to home care, and that will continue."*

The Minister's response is because of the over 30 meetings home care workers have had with their MPs. United Voice members have gone straight to the decision makers - their local representatives - to find out what the Government is planning for the future of home care.

Minister Ajaka went on to say "I do not have concerns that staff and clients will be separated. I have made it clear to the staff that the sector needs them… the sector cannot afford to lose them, and the clients cannot afford to lose them."

A few local meetings have ensured positive words from the Minister - but they are just words.

Minister Ajaka needs to guarantee that the future of home care is one that ensures quality, certainty and dignity for clients and home care workers. That's why United Voice members will be continuing the fight and going back to their MPs to get a firm commitment.

You can influence the future of home care in NSW - but only by working together. Want to talk to your local politician about the future of home care? Get in touch with us today to find out how!

 *Read the full transcript by clicking here.