The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

How to combat workplace bullying

No one should have to suffer bullying or harassment in the workplace - here are three simple steps to take if you're being bullied at work.

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How is your voice heard?

United Voice is thousands of care workers standing together - raising their voices in unison to achieve the changes they want to see. 

This image represents the structure within Australian Unity - NSW's biggest home care provider. If you work for a different provider, speak to your delegate or union organiser about joining your local action group and raising your voice today!

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Back up and support - care workers

Being part of United Voice is about having back up and support - because we're powerful when we're standing together. Here's how to access support from a community of United Voice care workers, and from United Voice's expert member support team. 

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Helpful hints for using Procura!

Home care workers employed by Australian Unity have recently started using the Procura app. Here's a tip sheet to help you navigate the app without stress - put together with the help of care workers like you. 

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Home Care Award

As a home care worker, your pay, rights and conditions at work are governed by your Award (below), which acts as a safety net for workers. The award below is for home care workers employed by Australian Unity. 

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