The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

Post Election Update

As you know Premier Mike Baird and the LNP won the State election last week, and today Premier Baird has announced a cabinet reshuffle.

United Voice welcomes the news that Minister John Ajaka will remain the Minister for Ageing and Disability.

Minister Ajaka has been very responsive to the ‘It’s Time to Care’ campaign, meeting with home care workers twice to discuss rising costs for clients, the need for home care in remote and regional areas and the future of the Aboriginal home care service, as well as contract hours, grades and training.

United Voice also looks forward to working with Leslie Williams MP from Port Macquarie as the new Minister for Aboriginal Affairs on the specific needs of Aboriginal Home Care workers and clients.

Since the launch of the ‘It’s Time to Care’ campaign, United Voice members have built a constructive working relationship with the Baird Government, with many of our members meeting with their local MP’s and making sure that home care workers’ jobs and conditions were at the forefront of the transition process.

Out of the great work of members, a signed, written agreement with the Government was secured protecting your jobs, your conditions and your clients.

What does this mean for you?

The agreement sets in stone a smooth transition for all ADHC members. So it’s business as usual for the ADHC transaction and the ‘It’s Time to Care’ campaign.

United Voice members will continue to work with the Government to ensure a quality and well-equipped future for home care in New South Wales.

Our next Transition discussion with the Department is on 14 April. We are seeking to arrange a meeting between the Minister and members as soon as possible. You will receive a newsletter in the post after Easter with the results of your survey and with photos of the Walk a Day in Our Shoes Minister Ajaka did in February with member home care worker Veronica Scheiling.

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