The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

ADHC Update: Negotiations Continue…

As we last reported, negotiations with the Government continue on the transfer process to the new provider. 

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Faces of Home Care

In late August Home Care leaders from around the state came together to talk about the It’s Time to Care campaign plan. 

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ADHC Update: Home Care workers meeting with the Minister

On Tuesday 21 October, fifteen United Voice members from home Care will meet with the Disability and Aging Minister Ajaka to talk about the work they do, the divestment of Home Care and their concerns for themselves and their clients. 

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ADHC Update: Negotiations with government

Three weeks ago, the Government and United Voice commenced negotiations on what the transfer process to the new provider will look like. 

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ADHC Update: Home Care for Sale

Today advertisements will be put in a number of national papers seeking interest from the non-governmental sector in taking on the work of Home Care in NSW. 

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It's Time to Care: Teletown Hall

On Thursday, 25 September, home care workers from the NSW Home Care Service held a teletown hall to talk about the future of home care. Hear the full teletown hall here.

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"Clients are the best thing about my work": Meet Donna

Donna has been working in home care for two and a half years. She previously worked in a golf shop for 27 years, where a majority of the people who came into the shop were elderly.

She knew that she had good rapport with the elderly, and after working in the golf shop, she started caring for her in laws for two years. 

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"Don’t take our lives away from us": Meet Tanya

Tanya has been a client of home care for thirteen years. She has atypical cystic fibrosis, which has forced her to spend most of her time in her home.  

Not only that, her 19 year old son has Autism – and also requires care. And her 17 year old daughter, who has been the primary carer for her and her son, has just accepted a hair dressing apprenticeship.

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ADHC Update: The Government thinks home care workers are brilliant

A few weeks ago, during a Standing Committee Meeting, John Ajaka, the Minister for Disability Services, was posed questions about the upcoming changes to the NSW Government Home Care Service (ADHC). His response? That all ADHC staff - are "absolutely brilliant." 

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