The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

ADHC Update: Minister Ajaka to walk in your shoes

On Tuesday, 21 October, 15 home care workers from around the country met with Minister John Ajaka, Minister for Disability Services, who is in responsible for the transition of ADHC to the non-governmental sector. 



Here’s how Lorna, a home care worker in Kempsey, thought the meeting went: 

"Our meeting with Minister Ajaka was interesting. The minister and his cohorts sounded positive, and the Minister appeared to understand our feelings and concerns regarding clients and the future of home care.

He assured us he’d be careful of what he signs regarding entitlements, travel and outlying clients in regional areas. He spoke to all of us in the room – we all got a chance to speak, so he got the feeling we were from all over the State, which is what we wanted to get across.

 Minister Ajaka invited us back for another meeting – and it was right out of left field! We didn’t expect it.

 Not only that, but Veronica, another home care worker, is going to take him to Walk a Day in her shoes – and she’s going to walk a day in his!

 It was really well accepted that he understood where we’re coming from – he had relatives who’d received care to save them from institutions, so he understood the amount of work that goes into care.

 Now we need to report back to other members. Members have to start coming on board to the It’s Time To Care campaign. We’ve made a few inroads, but we need to go further."

Minister Ajaka reinforced that he didn’t want to lose a single home care worker – and how vital you are for this transition? Why? Because the Minister knows how important you are to clients. But, so do all home care workers! 

That’s why home care workers around the country have been gathering client stories for our Faces of Home Care book. If you haven’t gathered any client stories, do it today by letting you organiser or delegate know you want to be involved.