The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

"Clients are the best thing about my work": Meet Donna

Donna has been working in home care for two and a half years. She previously worked in a golf shop for 27 years, where a majority of the people who came into the shop were elderly.

She knew that she had good rapport with the elderly, and after working in the golf shop, she started caring for her in laws for two years. 

“I was a personal carer before a home carer!” Donna says. 

Her passion for providing care allowed that after caring for her in-laws, she transitioned to working in home care.

“My main objective is to leave a smile on people’s faces. I want to make sure my clients are happy, especially because I work with a lot of elderly and disabled people.”

“Clients are the best thing about my work. They are so strong and cope with all of the issues they have, and I help them.”

As a home care worker, Donna is integral to the lives of the clients she cares for, serving a vital care role for some of our most vulnerable.

“My purpose is to give my clients a service, but my job is much more than that,” Donna says.

“I love to make them laugh. I love to make them happy while I do my work.”

“Home care is not a job for me,” Donna says. “I don’t classify it as one.”

Instead, home care is Donna’s passion and what she does. That’s why she’s concerned about the looming changes in home care.

“90% of my clients don’t know what’s happening, and that’s quite stressful. They keep asking me, but I don’t know what’s happening, either.”

Donna would prefer home care to stay the way it is – but if it is changing, she thinks it’s important to ensure that quality care is still provided. 

“Training is important. It’s important that all care providers give training to provide the best care.  

“We need more information on how all this will take place so clients aren’t left in the dark.”