The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

Media release: Home Care Workers welcome Australian Unity to work with them to continue quality care in NSW

Home care workers welcome the announcement by Minister Ajaka that the home care service has been transition completed, and Australian Unity has been successful in acquiring the service that provides quality home care to thousands of families across the State.

“Home care workers take great pride in their work. The main concern for these essential workers over the past year has been the lack of certainty for them and their clients about this transition, including who will be the new provider of home care in NSW,” Mel Gatfield, Assistant Secretary of United Voice, the home care workers’ union, says.

“Today’s announcement is a sigh of relief to thousands of workers across the State – and thousands of clients and their families – knowing that the future of home care will be with Australian Unity. Home care workers look forward to working constructively Australian Unity to ensure the best quality care for all clients.”

“After all, home care is essential for our society. These workers ensure that people are able to live with dignity and stay independently in their home. Clients depend on home care workers, and home care workers are proud to provide this service – and they want to continue this quality care with Australian Unity.”

“The previously Government-run system has guaranteed care for aged and those with a disability provided by passionate workers, and it is now the responsibility of Australian Unity to ensure it continues,” Ms Gatfield says.

“This service in particular is a vital one, providing quality care to tens of thousands of people in NSW. Home care workers are glad to hear that the service will not be broken up and will be able to continue to offer quality care - no matter where you are, be it rural or regional areas or in the city - and no matter who you are, by continuing to provide the specific Aboriginal home care services for Indigenous Australians." 

“Home care workers look forward to working with Australian Unity to ensure all clients are able to receive quality care provided by dedicated home care workers who are provided enough time to give clients certainty and dignity,” Ms Gatfield says.

Home care workers across the State will continue to work together through the It’s Time To Care campaign to raise the standards of home care across the State.

Media contact: Sarah Hoque, 0427 788 837