The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

Lorna's Story

Lorna has been working in home care since 1988.  Her 26 years as a home care worker is one full of joy and passion for her important work.

"I love meeting people and making a difference in people’s lives. That’s what home carers do,” Lorna says.

Lorna’s days are busy, as she works primarily with the disabled and elderly.

"These are people who have limited social life. I come in and do housekeeping, help with showers, take care of respite care and so much more."

She loves the flexibility in her work and the important role she plays in peoples’ lives.

"There’s so much I learn from my clients," Lorna says. "My work gives me a real purpose in life." 

“There are all kinds of jobs I can do if I wanted to make more money – but this is the one where I feel I make the most difference.”

 But, like many others in home care, Lorna is concerned about the future of her sector.

“What happens when the Government changes home care? Many of my clients are in remote areas – what’s going to happen to them? And other people in the country?” 

Lorna is most concerned about clients in the remote areas, like the country, where clients may have limited choice or even lack home care because of the lack of profitability of working in the area.

 “Some clients are a 45 minute drive away. That’s a 45 minute drive for a 30 minute visit. If the industry becomes focussed on profits, what will happen to these clients?”

“Continuity of care is important, too, so what will happen to our jobs?”

Lorna is concerned that if the work or conditions change, carers will be forced to leave the sector, leaving clients without quality care from passionate, dedicated workers who are well trained.

“Some of my elderly clients are frightened they’ll be left on the shelf.”