The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

It's Time to Care: Making a splash with politicians

In 2014, 71 home care workers led 33 visits to MPs local politicians to talk about the future of home care and find out what the transition of ADHC to the non-government sector would look like - and what the future of home care in NSW will look like. 

Members asked their local representatives to talk to the Minister for Disability Services, Minister Ajaka, to make a firm commitment on the future of home care – and answer home care workers’ questions.

And it worked! After all of these meetings, Minister Ajaka met with home care workers – not once but twice in a few months. He wants to continue talking to us about the future of home care during the transition process.

In each meeting, Minister Ajaka has listened to the concerns of home care workers, and he has acknowledged that while he doesn’t have all the answers, he will look into the issues raised by care workers. Issues union members have raised with him include rising costs for clients, the need for home care in remote and regional areas and the future of the Aboriginal home care service, as well as contract hours, grades and training.

Not only is the Minister listening, but he has committed to doing, too. Minister Ajaka will be walking a day in home care worker Veronica’s shoes in January – doing a client service with her – to understand what exactly home care is and the vital work that care workers do.