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ADHC Update: Extra cents for your travel

It’s been a long fight, but ADHC has finally agreed with home care workers on your travel allowance!

If you remember, home care workers have been fighting for a higher travel allowance for the period from 1 Sept 2011 – 31 August 2014, which was being paid at 70.7 cents per kilometre. Your union’s industrial team have just left the commission, securing that the travel allowance during 1 Sept 2011 – 31 August 2014 should have been 75 cents per kilometre.  You should receive this back pay after 15 January 2015.*

Not only that, but the new award will ensure that the travel allowance is set to the rate set by the tax office, which is currently 77 cents per kilometre. The rate will be adjusted whenever the tax office rate is adjusted.

This is huge – it’s a few cents to ADHC, but it’s massive money to all of you who have to drive to clients every day. And, it’s the strength of union members standing together for this important allowance that this has happened. 

*Oops! We made a mistake in an earlier version of this post that said that back pay would be available after 15 Jan 2014 - the correct date is 15 January 2015.