The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

ADHC to transition to Australian Unity

Today Minister Ajaka, the Minister for Ageing, announced that the tender process for Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) is now complete, and Australian Unity has been successful.

Your union is working to secure a meeting with Australian Unity to talk further about this process. But, in the meantime, here’s an update to provide you with more information.

Australian Unity is a national organisation which provides healthcare, financial services and retirement living services to around 850,000 customers. The company recently purchased INS Health Care in NSW and has a small footprint in providing home care in our State. The company is a mutual company, meaning that its members own and run the enterprise, similar to the way members run your union. 

United Voice members have secured an excellent transition package and look forward to working constructively with your new employer to ensure our campaign principles of quality, certainty and dignity are delivered for clients and care workers. Members know that being union strong ensures the best outcomes for members and clients – as well as employers.

Clients rely on the quality care that you provide, and Australian Unity has made it clear it wants to continue to ensure the best outcomes for clients. It has stated that it wants to grow in NSW, and you know that growth won’t be possible without quality care provided by you and your fellow home care workers.

If Australian Unity wants to expand in NSW, it will need to ensure that its workforce is able to continue to deliver the quality care and service you already do. And that’s why you need to remain union strong.

After all, home care workers know that power in your union ensures the best outcomes. Over the past year, home care members have been in conversation with the NSW Government, and it’s this relationship – because of the strength and power you have in your union – that has ensured a positive process for all home care workers that guarantees specific commitments.

Although the tender process is complete, the actual transfer will take months. During that time, don’t get confused – you have specific commitments from the Government, and those won’t change.

Here’s what been guaranteed:

  • A 2 year employment guarantee for permanent employees
  • A maximum of six months employment guarantee for temporary and casual employees
  • A transition payment for workers, based on length of employment
  • Roll-over of superannuation, sick and accrued long service leave

While the announcement has been made today, the transition will happen over the coming months, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress. 

And, although there’s now information about the new owner, many home care workers may have questions about what this means. That’s why your union will be having meetings across the State in the next few weeks to talk about the transition and address any concerns you have.

If you’re a member of United Voice, keep an eye on your mailbox for a schedule of these upcoming meetings where you can get more information.

And if you’re not a member, it’s time to join today.