The Future of Home Care is in our Hands

Work for ADHC? Have questions about the transition?

Do you work for ADHC? Do you have questions about the transition to Australian Unity?  There’s an upcoming meeting in your area to help you address them. 

These meetings are co-hosted with your union, United Voice, and ADHC. The purpose is to ensure effective and consistent communication with all care workers about the upcoming transition. Important information will be provided in these meetings, and there will be lots of time for all questions to be answered. These meetings will be informative and interesting, and all care workers should attend at least one meeting.

Although there may be many meetings in your local area, you should be rostered off for a specific meeting. This means you will be rostered off of client care for the two hours, and you will be paid for attending the meeting and for travel time. These meetings are incredibly important and will be a great resource for you and your workmates. You should encourage them to attend so every care worker is able to get the latest information and ask any questions.

If you or any of your fellow home care workers have not been rostered off, talk to your service coordinator about needing to attend. If you are still having issues, speak with your delegate or organiser or call your union on 1 800 805 027.

Meeting schedule (or click here to download a .pdf of all meetings!):






A .pdf of all meetings is available for download by clicking here.